The Usability of Mineral Water

This may seem like a ridiculous price-proposition. For € 1,50 you get half a liter of Spa Blue and for half the price you get three times that amount of water. (…) So here, ease of use is valued over content.

Food Pairing Networks

A collection of simple network graphs illustrating how the flavor components of 250 different food products relate to each other, as a tool to inspire the creation of original recipes. By comparing the flavor of each food product, such as strawberry, with the rest of the food and their flavors, new combinations such as ‘strawberry with peas’ can be made. The more flavors food products have in common, the shorter the distance between the food products.

Knife Skills Illustrated

“Almost every recipe begins with an instruction: cut up a chicken, slice an onion, mince some garlic, dice a few tomatoes, or maybe peel an avocado. Yet few cooks–even good ones–possess the basic knife skills to do these tasks effectively. Whether you’re a four-star chef or an at-home beginner, Knife Skills Illustrated will show you how with step-by-step drawings and instructions. Once you acquire these skills, cutting becomes a part of the pleasure of cooking. What’s more, the flavors and texture of your finished dishes will be enhanced. This comprehensive guide fills a gaping void in the literature of cooking.” – How a microtopic in cooking has impact on the endresult. Like, how bad options to choose from can break a complete experience.