The Art of Eating

The ‘user’ is the centre figure for user experience designers. Tradition, a sense of place and simplicity are the ‘leitmotives’ of great meals and diners. How they play a crucial role for food addicts is the topic of this magazine.


Food stylists and food photographers help us get appetite browsing through illustrated cookbooks. Looking at sites regularly does not urge me to browse further. How do they do it? Foodesigns provides some inspiration. The Tweezer Times is their “e-zine that covers timely and informative news about the world of food photography. It includes articles on food styling techniques, profiles featuring professional stylists and shooters, and reviews of tools and equipment. Content provided by recognized professionals in the business of food photography.” – Visual design in optima forma.

User Experience from Product Creation Perspective

Virpi Roto (Sr. Research Scientist Mobile HCI at Nokia) stated in this paper PDF Logo that “(…) we can talk about user experience whenever there is interaction with a product. A cake does provide user experience, because I can interact with it: I touch the cake and feel how soft it is, and bitting that cake gives delicious taste as ‘feedback’. That’s how I interact with the cake.” – So, food and UX do have things in common.