Monthly Archives: September 2007

Parallels in Cooking and Design

Ryan Freitas (Adaptive Path) presented at UX Week 2007. “For those who manage creative organizations, the professional kitchen can provide inspiration for how to balance important principles like consistency, creative freedom and effective problem solving, all under stressful conditions. Ryan Freitas discusses these and other parallels between the worlds of the cook and the designer.” – His slides are available for download.

How To Eat Sushi

Not only the perspective of the designer but also the perspective of the user is important for experience design. In some cases, it is not as easy as it seems. “How to eat sushi and sushi bar etiquette… that’s what this document is about. Its target audience are non-Japanese people who enjoy sushi but aren’t familiar with the customs and traditions that make for an outstanding dining experience. If you enjoy sushi, or if you think you’d like to give sushi a try, this document is for you.” – By Eugene Ciurana.

Inside Customer Experience

“Observation of eating and drinking behaviour and of the emotional reactions triggered by such behaviour provides unique possibilities to help the food and drink industry design products and experiences that fit special situations and evoke hedonistic experiences.”, says the European Centre for the Experience Economy on the project ‘Restaurant of the Future‘.