Food Experience Design Course


At the (Consortium of Politecnico di Milano) in Italy, there are new post-graduate courses called ‘Food Experience Design‘.

The second edition (March 2009) focused on the specialization to create and design
innovative pizzerias.

The fourth edition (Sept-Nov 2009) focuses on rethinking baker’s, pastry and ice-cream shops.

From the various other courses like Hotel Experience Design, Entertainment Design or Outdoor Experience Design, some pictures are available as well.

Philips Design Investigates Food Printer


“FOOD takes a provocative and unconventional look at areas that could have a profound effect on the way we eat and source our food 15-20 years from now” says the FOOD-project of this consumer electronics company. Wih three new projects Diagnostic Kitchen, Food Creation and Home Farming Philips figures out what the design probes are.

TCHO: Making Chocolate An Experience

How do you make a chocolate company? Be obsessed. Be very, very obsessed. TCHO is a new kind of chocolate company for a new generation of chocolate enthusiasts. TCHO is where technology meets chocolate; where Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco food culture.

How To Eat Sushi

Not only the perspective of the designer but also the perspective of the user is important for experience design. In some cases, it is not as easy as it seems. “How to eat sushi and sushi bar etiquette… that’s what this document is about. Its target audience are non-Japanese people who enjoy sushi but aren’t familiar with the customs and traditions that make for an outstanding dining experience. If you enjoy sushi, or if you think you’d like to give sushi a try, this document is for you.” – By Eugene Ciurana.